Here's the thing about me... I live in a mostly white middle class college town in a clean and tidy neighborhood with the elementary school a block away and 3 kids and a dog and a marriage of 22 years in a house with sprinklers and stainless steel appliances and…

on any given day in any given conversation half of my brain is usually preoccupied with something far different - something that makes me feel like a fish out of water most of the time.

I am thinking about women being raped in the Congo or Afghan girls braving the trek to school or youth in my own community experiencing sexual exploitation. I think about what God is up to in the world with the Middle East unravelling or where he is stirring me in areas of creative expression. I wonder at the beauty of good coffee, a robust glass of wine, an invigorating hike, rich conversation, and the feast of it all for our senses and spirituality. I dream about finding a group of people to share it with, to debate and wonder and marvel at it all.

I see my kids and our discussions and the rhythm of our family as an expression of bringing God's kingdom to earth. We digest and process and shape and form. I truly believe that we have to let them get the near the flame of injustice if we hope to call them to partake in any kind of restoration on Earth. If we are a part of a bigger story, if we intend to cast a vision for our kids to enter that story, then we ourselves have to stop living a small storied life.  Join me?



I have been in ministry for over 21 years. I served internationally in the Middle East with (Cru) for a decade, giving leadership, direction and care to women in both the local and national ministries. During my time in ministry, I have had three children, moved countless times, completed my graduate work, and started a non-profit.

In 2009, I founded A Face to Reframe, a non-profit which exists to prevent human trafficking through participatory arts, training, and community building. My husband joins me in challenging men to engage this issue through his non-profit, Restoration Project. Together we wrote END: Engaging Men to End Sex-Trafficking.

As a volunteer Manager of Domestic Sex Trafficking for the U COUNT Campaign, a Northern Colorado based global anti-sex trafficking ministry, I lead our local efforts in victim services for those impacted by sex trafficking.

I am a proud member of Redbud Writer’s Guild, a regular contributor for Red Tent Living, and can be found in all sorts of places online. (see more...)