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There are so many characters who play a vital role in the transition of our daughters to women that it seemed appropriate to chat with some of them. You may be wondering, what was it actually like for Ella to go through this? And, the greater test... what is she like as a result? How did my husband and I navigate the process and what is the role of dads? And what about the women we are inviting her to join? How do we include important women and what if we don't have any in our lives? All of this and more is covered in these 3 short videos. Enjoy! 

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Beth and daughter

Beth and Ella discuss what it was like for her to go through the Becoming year. 3 tips offered:

1. Moms clearly communicate: I have a plan, I know you

2. Talk about everything frequently. The more you do, the more normal it becomes.

3. Capture current relevant culture to make meaning for your daughter.

Beth and Husband

Beth and her husband Chris chat about the role of dad (or father figure) in a Becoming year. 3 tips offered:

1. Build relational capital before launching the year.

2. Platform mom and daughter, don't override. Be support staff. 

3. Be prepared for what this may bring out in a marriage.

Beth and Friends

Beth and her girlfriends discuss the role of other women in a becoming year; how to include them and what to do if you don't have any. 3 tips offered:

1. Bring friends into the journey. Start talking with women in your life about Becoming.

2. Be mindful of your example in your friendships, good or bad.

3. Begin to make a list of names of women and pray through each name.