Fierce Compassion: Book Review by a 12 year old girl

Girls and Books Fierce CompassionFierce Compassion, by Kristen and Kathryn Wong is a great, informative book that introduces a current cause through one person’s story. This is a biography of one of the most important heroines in history, the one who saved many girls from forced human trafficking: Donaldina Cameron. This book inspired me to be brave, strong, and to fight for what I believe in.

Donaldina Cameron started out as a normal, completely average girl who wanted a traditional life. After much traveling, thought, and experience, she became an anti-slavery extraordinaire. She cared for the many girls who she saved from the darkest corners and never stopped fighting, even though threats, exhaustion, and fear always seemed to lurk around Chinatown, San Francisco. She was strong and inspirational.

Fierce Compassion is very descriptive and engaging in a way that makes you want to keep reading until the end, and after you finish, you just sit there and think of the daring Donaldina Cameron, who never stopped fighting for what she loved. Fierce Compassion does get a little heavy when describing the pain of that time period, so if you don’t like feeling the characters’ misery, maybe this book isn’t for you. But in my case, I enjoyed reading about the adventurous heroine, and feel encouraged to do something great, just as she did.

Ella, age 12