Girls Who Rocked The World, Book Review by a 9 year old girl

Girls and Books Girls Who Rocked The World is a nonfiction book about heroines. It is packed full with women/girls who have rocked the world. From the age of the Egyptians to the 21st century, this book will teach you about past girls who have stood up for what they believe in. Along with all of this new knowledge that is included, many girls were interviewed and asked “How will you rock the world?” This will help girls come up with ideas for how they will change lives.

Girls Who Rocked I highly suggest this book to girls 8+ who love nonfiction and have a thirst for knowledge. Some of the girls included in this book you may know, such as Joan of Arc, Sacagawea, and Harriet Tubman. Some you may be just learning about, such as Laura Bassi, Coco Chanel, and Wilma Rudolph. I loved this book because it was very inspiring. This book inspired me by making me want to show everyone that men aren’t the only good engineers. Also, I liked this book because I can connect to some of the emotions felt by the characters. Another reason to adore this book is because each chapter is a good amount of pages so that you don’t get too bored, and don’t want too much more. This book is very good, and I hope you will try it out.

Sophie, age 9