I am Raising Strong Girls because the World Needs their Strength


You are stronger than you realize. It has been our mantra for our littlest these last few months. She has needed the reminder, our chanting in her soul.

Unlike her sister, she was not born believing she could do anything. She does not look at mountains and dream of summitting them. She does not scale climbing gyms without hesitation. She does not volunteer for everything that gains her attention.

She does not wear her courage on her sleeve, but it is there. It comes out of nowhere when we least expect it! Like last year when she tried out for the talent show. What?!? Or decided to give overnight camp another try this summer. Or last week, when she ran for Governor of her class. What?!? Or got her ears pierced this weekend after years of saying she was not ready.

What has readied her soul?

She is 9 and there are moments, still. The family hike she refuses to finish. Tantrums as the elevation gains and lots of agony to motivate her forward. But at the top, oh it is worth it. And she declares it. And we celebrate her strength, her courage.

We remind her, see? You are stronger than you realize.

And I want her to know, it’s okay to feel fear. It’s okay to tremble when you give a speech and squeeze your eyes shut when you get the shot and miss us at camp. It’s okay to have a healthy amount of doubt in your ability. I think it’s called humility. Some of us are naturally more gifted than others.

But it’s downright beautiful to try, despite the fear. She has grown oh, so beautiful this year!

Sophie We have a friend who has his own mantra. He tells my husband, “Show up, speak from the heart, and let gift happen.” We remind each other, frequently.

Show up. Speak from the heart. Let gift happen.

Because we are full of gifts the world needs. Our courage opens the door to bless others. Remain in fear and risk robbing others of blessing.

But gifts are also abundantly available to us. When we trust God with what he has for us, when we show up and speak from the heart, we receive - from others, from the experience, from our own defiance of fear. And He has so much for us to receive!

I am raising strong girls because the world needs their strength. Sometimes they need to be reminded, they are already far stronger than they realize!