Kisses From Katie, A Book Review by a 12 year old girl

Girls and Books Kisses From Katie is one of my favorite nonfiction books of all time. It is about a girl in her upper teens who gives up her luxurious life in Little Rock, Arkansas for the rural regions of Uganda as a missionary and later, a mother of over 15 Ugandan children. At first, her stay was temporary, but the need for love in Uganda drew her in and wouldn’t let go. She began as a teacher, raising just enough money for her own food and a little extra to help those in need. With much effort and prayers, she succeeded greatly and ended up with many children, a nice home to host picnics and meals, and a well- funded organization to sponsor Ugandan children by giving supplies, uniforms, meals, and even money to the kids and their families. Nonfiction books normally don’t excite me, but Kisses From Katie hooked me in until the end.

kisses from katieMy favorite part from Kisses From Katie wasn’t her extraordinary success in her business for Ugandan kids, or her dedication to all of her children, but it was her attitude through it all that set her apart. Throughout the entire book, she continued to state “It was God who brought them to me” or “I wasn’t the extraordinary one. I was the host for the extraordinary One doing His thing” or something like that. Her face was always on the Lord, and never on herself. She’s humble and kind, which are the two most important things I look for in an autobiography. Katie also was relatable and easily connected with me as I was reading. She never said “I was strong” or “I never cried,” but she actually explained her sorrow and pain, like there was nothing to hide. It truly is Katie’s lovable attitude and humility that supports my claim that Kisses From Katie is my all time favorite nonfiction book.

Ella, age 12