Scandalous Redirection @ Intervarsity's The Well

I was so honored to be selected as Honorable Mention in Intervarsity's The Well's Call for Stories. ___________________

She waved when she recognized me. A large smile streaked her face, her arm suspended above. Do you have more of those cards? Everyone wants one! Thrilled, I nodded positively and made a beeline for her, intent on handing off the pink gift bag.

Only later do I replay the scene in slow motion, noticing that she looms above me on a platform in front of a small “stall” with three sides. I see now that she’s topless, arm snaking through the air, mechanically seductive for her audience of one. While she dissociates, I do too, carrying on our conversation, losing time and clarity.

Another blurry night at the local strip club.

How did I get here? To a life of code words and hiding places as I parent three kids and minister to women caught in the sex industry? The books that arrive on my doorstep need to be tucked away before the school bus comes by and drops off my oblivious children. The YouTube documentary must be shut down before homework can be done on the same computer. How did a naive and prudish girl become this?

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