Sex Trafficking is in Your City

January is the National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and as such, I have bombarded you with tough thoughts on Domestic Sex Trafficking. I wrote about the problem with some agitate methods such as End It Movement's Final Four Slavery Truck here.

I addressed the debate around sex workers choosing the life here.

At A Sista's Journey, I asked about the men.

In a brave mood, I dared to say that porn fuels the sex industry here.

And of course, I've encouraged you to buy my book, END: Engaging Men to End Sex Trafficking, written to men, but useful for all.

But I need to tell you more. Today, I want you to ponder this:

Sex Trafficking is happening in your city, however small, however large. It is happening in your own backyard. And it can happen to anyone.

Domestic Sex Trafficking is anyone under 18 who is commercially sexually exploited or anyone 18 and over who through force, fraud, or coercion is induced to perform sex acts. This looks like women living and working in fake massage businesses, forced to give sexual services to clients during 12 hour days. It looks like young runaways trading sex for shelter and getting caught up with a guy who ends up selling her. It looks like LGBTQ youth being thrown out by their family, seen as a sexualized object, and exploited on the street. It looks like older boyfriends who after pampering their girls with gifts for a few weeks asks for a return on his investment.

There may not be a track. Your little city might not have a strip club or a seedy side of town. But do you have the internet? Do you have youth? Do you have heart break and broken families and poverty? Our city, while rated in the top 10 livable cities in America, has all of this. And we have sex trafficking. So do you.

Only a well-educated, well-informed community can effectively launch a response to sex trafficking. If you have blinders on, I implore you to remove them.

END: Engaging Men to End Sex Trafficking walks you through what you need to know, how to assess your city, how to garner community ownership, and tangible action steps to take. Make the first move. Take action now!

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What kind of community do you live in and what are you seeing?