Waiting for the Sun

BECOMING begins I thought I would beat jet lag with the homeopathic "No Jet Lag" pills I took. Alas, it's 3am and I'm wide awake.

And happy. And anxious. Sun rise!

If I don't return it will be because I can't leave the food. Breakfast could not come fast enough.

Perde Pilav

Here's what I'm thinking about on the eve of our first day out and about: Life is a metaphor. We need only open our eyes and name it. And even though I pre-thought our days and pre-wrote letters to Ella naming the metaphors and have pre-scripted our time, my prayer is that my eyes would be opened this week to the metaphor God has for me and the undiscovered ones I need to name for Ella.

Ella Moda

But I'm also thinking that we as parents can be contrived and cheezy in our attempts to draw parallels and create symbolism. I blew it once with Ella in trying to do this in a way that completely missed her heart. The challenge for us all is to become fluent in our children. And to then stretch them a little...

Oh tomorrow holds so much!

Must sleep...