What makes art, art?

Day 10 Blog 3I don't imagine myself to be an artist. Rather a creative, a dabbler, an art enthusiast. Lately I've been expanding my activities with A Face to Reframe to include body percussion, assemblage, and creative writing. As always, I realize the importance of exhibition of the students' work. They need to be recognized. They need to see their work displayed to feel it has been more than just an art therapy session, though it is that too. As a full participant, I penned these thoughts in my notebook, a reminder that this is why I blog. It is both and. Both therapeutic and social commentary. Both self-expression and public immortalization.

Art without a frame... Frames validate, deeming worth hanging, showcasing for appreciation Frames make professional, immortalize Without, forgotten, stored, unseen

But was it not beautiful? Was it not fun to create? To get out, work out? Did not a muse cause pencil to stir over pages blank with eager anticipation to be written upon with coffee steaming at corner of table some lovely scenery and peace and quiet and sun shining through, stilling soul and calming spirit and grounding all to face another day And is that not framed in the pages of the heart and the timeline of our journey?

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