When Doing Good Gets Sloppy

When Doing Good Gets SloppyThe church is a beautiful albeit funny thing. Seemingly always a little late to the game, when she gets excited about the new thing, she does such a good job of rallying the troops, raising funds, and producing missionaries and programs and projects and mission trips. She is fueled by passion and principle, awakened to God’s heart in a new way. In the 90’s, the church fixed her attention on Russia and the countries which had suffered under Communism and Atheism’s absence of God. My husband went to Albania with Bibles. In the 2000’s, the church was ablaze with the 10/40 window and the vast number of Muslims who did not know Jesus as Savior. My family and I moved to Turkey. Now it seems all attention is consumed with Sex Trafficking. And today, I stalked a suspicious massage parlor.

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