Why I Dreaded My Dream Being Fulfilled


Expose my shame where it shivers, crouched I thought they would be my knightesses in shining armor.

A connection had led me to a small female - led company with promises of increasing my nonprofit’s capacity. As the founder of a 5 year old organization, I was relieved to hear that help might be tucked away in the basement of this little home-based business. I unloaded the files in my brain and they color coated and circled on the white board and my heart swelled. I felt hope.

Until the dreaded topic of finances surfaced. The topic I loathe. How much is this vision worth? How many dollars will you equate to your dreams? And when my answer was a pittance, far too low to warrant their help, the meeting’s abrupt conclusion lodged spurs in my brain. I am still sorting them out. “Come back when your vision is larger. Come back when you’re ready to build an organization. Come back when you’re ready to value your time and not work for free.”

I have not been back.

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