Raise the Girl

the World Needs

Become an

Intentional Mom

When it comes to raising teen girls, i get it…

I have two of my own.

Transitioning girls to Women

Shouldn’t Make us Crazy!

most of us crave more connection with our daughter,

Camaraderie with other moms,

and Confidence in a plan.

Join thousands of moms who have chosen intentional parenting.

Replace overwhelm with connection, community, and confidence.

If you have a 10-12 year old daughter, you need Need NEED this book. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just order it on Amazon and thank me later.
— Allyson Zadeh
A Voice Becoming works with granddaughters also. Using Beth’s good approach, when my grandgirl was turning
16, I launched “A Year of 16” for her.
— Judy Douglas
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The Intentional Mom Plan:

Step One:

Buy a copy of A VOICE BECOMING wherever books are sold.

Step Two:

Download the FIELD NOTES, a companion guide to crafting a meaningful Becoming year.

Step Three:

Join the Intentional Mom Community and replace overwhelm with connection, camaraderie, and confidence.

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Step 2: Grab your free guide

Start your Intentional Mom Plan with a companion guide, ideal for personal or group use.

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Step 3: Join the Intentional mom community

Solve your desire for camaraderie by joining the ongoing conversation with other intentional moms.