My Vision:

The Fierce & Lovely Podcast is for women who wonder how strength and weakness coexist or how to bless both bravery and tenderness; for those longing to bring the fullness of their glory to the world without a chip on their shoulder; for those who have embraced a global sisterhood and left small storied lives behind. The fierce and lovely women seeking the “both and” of a big storied life.

And I think you would be a perfect fit!

We’ll chat for about 30 minutes about the ways in which you are both fierce and lovely, how that shows in your work and thoughts you might be willing to share regarding the process/story/struggle of embracing or still working to embrace the both and of your “Fierce and Lovely.”

I am defining Fierce as coming alongside God against injustice or evil in the world. And Lovely as joining God to bring forth life and beauty.

As women speaking out, leading, and trying to do good, I believe it can be a challenge to hold the "both and" of fierce and lovely. The podcast is an effort to dialogue about this with women walking out life differently.


Thanks for coming on the Fierce & Lovely Podcast!

Your first step is to schedule an interview (see below).

I will send you a link to before our interview. You will just click the link and voila, there I will be! It is not video, just audio. That keeps me focused!

TECH Tips:

Do not be afraid, for I am here to help. The following tips have been helpful to me and my guests:

1. Make sure you interview on a computer (zencastr is not yet compatible with phones).

2. Zencastr likes the updated Chrome browser.

3. Sometimes, calls are dropped if too much is going on in the background. Turn off extensions (Go to those 3 dots on the right side of your url browser window next to your avatar picture. Find More Tools. You'll see extensions. Close them all.)

4. Please turn off your phone and computer notifications so we don’t have those little ping notifications.

5. Hide out in a quiet spot (e.g. no dogs barking, kids unloading the dishwasher, officemates laughing in the halls!)

6. Make sure you are wearing earphones, but not Airpods. Those record at a different frequency than Zencastr.

What I Need:

Please send me your headshot and if you are an author, creator, etc. please send a meme with the cover of your book, product, or show.

Please consider leaving a review or rating on iTunes after our interview. Thank you!

What You’ll Get:

Before your episode goes live, I will send you a podcast graphic with your headshot and a 30sec audio clip of our conversation. Shows go live on Tuesdays at 7am MST and I will post on Instagram @fiercelovely using #fierceandlovelypodcast and in my stories on Instagram @bethhbruno. I’ll post on FB @bethhillarybruno and in the new group @fierceandlovelypodcast. I will tag you in all and would ask you to also share and tag!