Mothers, is this you?

A few years ago, on any given afternoon, I was playing taxicab. Running a kid to one practice north of town and rushing back to pick up another from school and hoping the youngest was okay at home alone. I would have gotten three kids back beneath the same roof, whipped up a fast meal, and said goodbye as my husband or I headed off to an evening meeting. The average afternoon of the average American parent. 

We had somehow resigned ourselves to the normalcy of it all: two entrepreneurs raising young kids in middle class America. Except we hated it.

Compelled by the belief that our kids needed sports, clubs, and activities to get into college, succeed in life, and not tear their hair out in boredom we kept driving. Measuring ourselves against our entrepreneur peers, my husband and I said yes to every good opportunity, because maybe, maybe it would be the one that opened the door. The big door. The door to the elusive next step we had not even defined. So we said yes. Because they asked.

And we hated that too.

We grieved the loss of summer nights when we strolled through our neighborhood or enjoyed a glass of wine by the fire pit. We noticed our inability to be spontaneous or say yes to the life-giving invitations. We craved space - space to rest, space for family, space for people, space for nothing. And we began to sense that we were spiraling. We didn't want to live like this.

How about you? Does this ring true? Are you running in a million directions because your whole world tells you it’s normal, even though no one is really satisfied or content?

If you’re on the train to crazy, are you ready to get off?

I’ve prepared a simple checklist and a rubric for decision making that helped me and my family reclaim our passion and purpose without the hustle.