I started speaking when I was 13. In my 2nd of 3 middle schools, I tried out for cheerleading and didn’t make the squad. My English teacher noticed my lonely 7th grade self and pulled me into the Forensics team. With nothing to lose, I prepared a speech about the AIDS epidemic (this was 1986!) and won! Being on staff with Cru for 10 years, 7 of which were overseas, kept me in front of audiences of all nationalities! And then, I spent 6 years in front of teenagers and police officers, training them to recognize signs of human trafficking in small communities. I’m quite good at casually talking about pimps, porn, and prostitution! 

But my real heart is uncovering the glory of women (and their girls). As a fellow sojourner, I call women to live passionate, purposed lives. My ideal audience is wrestling, thinking, dreaming, and gaining a sense of their place in God's story. If this is your group, I'd love to join you. Please submit this application and we can talk more.

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